Tennessee Child Support Income Shares Model

When Tennessee promulgated the income shares model for its major overhaul of Tennessee child support guidelines in 2004 and 2005, it impacted thousands of Tennessee families. Though there was a great deal of criticism, especially from

Tennessee child support guidelines income shares model

Tennessee child support guidelines income shares model impacted thousands of Tennessee families

Tennessee family lawyers, there is no need to repeat them here.  It can be very helpful to know to Tennessee family lawyers and parents alike to take a moment and read what is written about the income shares model within the Guidelines itself. Continue reading


Why a Tennessee Child Support Blog?

Why create a Tennessee Child Support Blog?  I practice family law, sure.  But, before I became a lawyer, I was a CPA.  I find all technical financial aspects of family law interesting.  For example, there are several differences between gross income as it appears on tax returns and gross income for child support.  Probably not a lot of family lawyers get excited about that sort of stuff, but I do.  Whether a parent earns over a half million dollars a year as a high-level corporate executive or is a fireman and cuts lawns as a sideline, the definition of gross income impacts every child support case. Continue reading