Tennessee Child Support Guidelines’ Major Goals

If you find yourself in a dispute over the interpretation of a certain provision within Tennessee Child Support Guidelines, an additional argument you may consider is that your interpretation of the Guidelines is more consistent with the stated goals of the Guidelines, which are listed in Rule 1240-2-4-.01, as follows:
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Gross Income Means Everything in Tennessee Child Support

Gross income under the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines is a simple, but powerful concept which is often misunderstood.  Some Tennessee divorce lawyers only think about the tax return. Reviewing a tax return is only the first step.  There are lots of additional categories of income included in gross income for child support in Tennessee not taxed on tax returns.  One example may be dividend income from a municipal bond.  Another may be distributions from a Roth IRA.  Another may be certain forms of disability income.  It just depends on the circumstances. Continue reading

Definitions in Tennessee Child Support Guidelines by Memphis Family Lawyer Miles Mason

Definitions in Tennessee Child Support Guidelines by Memphis Family Lawyer Miles Mason

As with any legal dispute, definitions can have a huge impact on interpretations of contested provisions.  For example, see “Days,” below.  What a “Day” means impacts both child support calculations and relocation cases when determining how many “days” a parent enjoys residential time.

If you find yourself scratching your head about the application of a particular part of the Guidelines to your particular situation, remember to revisit the definitions.  The answer may be there. Continue reading