In TN Child Support Suits for Contempt, There Can Be a Jury Trial

Tennessee child support law on right to a jury trial for contempt for failure to pay child support from the Supreme Court of Tennessee.

Susan L. Brown vs. Fred De Loach Latham and Patricia Peebles Walker vs. Clint Monroe Walker, Sr. – Tennessee child support law

Two cases were consolidated on appeal because both involved issues of contempt for failure to make child support payments.  The question that arose is whether someone accused of contempt can request a jury trial.  The Supreme Court affirmed that there is indeed a right to a jury trial when one is defending against criminal contempt charges, even when done in the context of a civil child support enforcement proceeding.

The first matter concerned Fred De Loach Latham, against whom his former wife, Susan Latham (Brown), had taken a judgment for child support arrears.  She requested he be incarcerated, and he requested a jury trial.  No case details were provided in the opinion as to the amount or duration of arrears claimed or the income of the Father. Continue reading


TN Dad Loses $75K/Yr Job, Works @ Starbucks & Jailed for Child Support

Tennessee law case summary on child support, arrearages, contempt, and voluntary unemployment in Tennessee divorce and family law from the Tennessee Court of Appeals.

Teresa Ann Barrett Goodman v Jeffery Wayne Goodman – Child Support Arrearage, Contempt, and Willful Unemployment

The Mother, Teresa Goodman filed for divorce on January 18, 2008 from the Husband, Jeffery Goodman. The couple’s marriage lasted 16 years and, at the time of the divorce, they had a four minor children. The Father was a licensed real estate broker working for Prudential Collins-Maury. Right before the divorce was filed, he took a position with America’s Home Place because the position offered a $75,000 per year salary rather than commission. Continue reading