Tennessee Father’s Income for Child Support Can Include Stock Sales

Tennessee child support law in Tennessee divorce & family law from the Tennessee Court of Appeals.

Alexander v. Alexander – Calculating Gross Income for Tennessee Child Support

This decision breaks down into clear categories a number of sources of income and expenses which may be considered for purposes of child support.

Donald James Alexander (the Father) and Carolyn Paxton Morrow (the Mother) were   married for 12.5 years and had two children, who were 11 and 10 at the time of the divorce decree in February 1995.   The Father was ordered to pay $2,194 per month in child support in 1995.   In 1997, the Mother filed for an increase in child support, claiming that there was a significant variance, according to the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines,  in the Father’s income to require an increase in child support.   According to Tennessee law, a modification may be made to the amount a non-custodial parent has to pay if there has been at least a 15% change in that individual’s gross income. Continue reading