Tennessee Child Support Covers What? by Germantown TN Divorce Attorney Miles Mason

Tennessee Child Support Covers What?

Tennessee Child Support Covers What?

This Tennessee child support article is for our divorce and family law clients and friends in Germantown, Collierville, and Memphis, Tennessee and the surrounding area.

The concept of what child support does cover, or should cover, is always a hot topic for debate.  What one parent sees as a bare necessity, the other may consider an unimaginable luxury.  Whether in a rural Northeast Tennessee county or in the heart of Germantown, Tennessee, what expenses child support is supposed to pay is the same because the law is the same even though the families may be quite different.  What it costs to raise children depends on the wealth of the parents and statistics of for Tennesseeans.

Below are the provisions from the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines telling Tennesseans and their lawyers what child support is supposed to cover and what it is not supposed to cover.  This can be helpful to know when in difficult negotiations.

4. Basic Expenses.

(i) The Schedule assumes that all families incur certain child-rearing expenses and includes in the basic child support obligation (BCSO) an average amount to cover these expenses for various levels of the parents’ combined income and number of children. The bulk of these child-rearing expenses is comprised of housing, food, and transportation. The share of total expenditures devoted to clothing and entertainment is also included in the BCSO, but is relatively small compared to the other three items.

(ii) Basic educational expenses associated with the academic curriculum for a public school education, such as fees, books, and local field trips, are also included in the BCSO as determined by the CS Schedule.

(iii) The BCSO does not include the child’s health insurance premium, workrelated childcare costs, the child’s uninsured medical expenses, special expenses, or extraordinary educational expenses because of the highly variable nature of these expenses among different families.

Tennessee Child Support Guidelines, August 2008.

Memphis divorce attorney, Miles Mason, Sr., JD, CPA, practices family law exclusively with the Miles Mason Family Law Group, PLC in Memphis, Tennessee serving clients in Germantown, Collierville and the west Tennessee area.  To learn more about Tennessee child support laws, read and view:


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