Tennessee Child Support Guidelines’ Major Goals

If you find yourself in a dispute over the interpretation of a certain provision within Tennessee Child Support Guidelines, an additional argument you may consider is that your interpretation of the Guidelines is more consistent with the stated goals of the Guidelines, which are listed in Rule 1240-2-4-.01, as follows:

(3)   The major goals in the development and application of these Guidelines are, to the extent possible, to:

(a)  Decrease the number of impoverished children living in single parent families;

(b)  Make child support awards more equitable by ensuring more consistent treatment of persons in similar circumstances while ensuring that the best interests of the child in the case before the tribunal are taken into consideration;

(c)  Improve the efficiency of the tribunal process by promoting settlements and by giving tribunals and parties guidance in establishing appropriate levels of support awards;

(d)  Encourage parents paying support to maintain contact with their child;

(e)  Ensure that, when parents live separately, the economic impact on the child is minimized, and, to the extent that either parent enjoys a higher standard of living, the child shares in that higher standard;

(f)  Ensure that a minimum amount of child support is set for parents with a low income in order to maintain a bond between the parent and the child, to establish patterns of regular payment, and to enable the child support enforcement agency and party receiving support to maintain contact with the parent paying support; and

(g)  Allocate a parent’s financial child support responsibility from the parent’s income among all of the parent’s children for whom the parent is legally responsible in a manner that gives equitable consideration, as defined by the Department’s Guidelines, to children for whom support is being set in the case before the tribunal and to other children for whom the parent is legally responsible and supporting.

 (4)       These Guidelines are a minimum base for determining child support obligations. The presumptive child support order may be increased according to the best interest of the child for whom support is being considered, the circumstances of the parties, and the rules of this chapter.

Tennessee Child Support Guidelines, August 2008.

Child Support Guidelines’ Major Goals by Memphis Divorce Attorney Miles Mason

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